[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Bug#909000: Enigmail 2.0 needed in Stretch after Thunderbird 60 upload

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Mon Sep 17 20:44:03 BST 2018

On Mon 2018-09-17 10:14:31 +0200, Jonas Meurer wrote:
> yesterday, Thunderbird 1:60.0-2~deb9u1 got uploaded to Stretch (via
> security). This thunderbird version breaks enigmail (<< 2:2~), which
> leads to uninstallable/unusable Enigmail in Debian Stretch.
> May I suggest to backport Enigmail 2.0 to Debian Stretch as well?

Thanks for this report, Jonas!  it's definitely correct.

It's important to fix, but the dependency on more recent versions of
GnuPG will be needed as well.  There are several problems that i'm
trying to work through for enigmail in the limited time that i've got
for this.

Some background:

 * enigmail imported a copy of OpenPGP.js wholesale in version 2.0.x

 * unfortuantely, the version they imported isn't the actual preferred
   form of modification -- it's an assembled/"compiled" form of the
   project, using node.

 * I asked enigmail upstream whether he had ever built OpenPGP.js from
   source, and he had not -- he simply copied their distributed bundle.

 * the DFSG-free way to get that into debian is to get OpenPGP.js into
   debian -- see https://bugs.debian.org/787774 for that ITP.

 * i tried off and on for weeks to figure out how to make that happen
   cleanly, but eventually gave up because of the explosion of node
   packaging that would have been required.  even if i'd been able to
   follow the dependency tree to its ends (which was problematic for
   lots of reasons), i don't think i can responsibly maintain all those
   node packages :(

 * instead, i realized that the OpenPGP.js node package was only needed
   by enigmail for a few things, in particular to avoid needing a newer
   version of GnuPG.

 * there were a few small changes that needed to be made to GnuPG to
   make enigmail pass its test suites properly without OpenPGP.js, so i
   got them made upstream in GnuPG.

 * then i stripped OpenPGP.js from enigmail, and bumped enigmail's
   dependency on GnuPG.

 * new versions of thunderbird apparently change the behavior of some of
   the enigmail tests -- see #907984 and #906885

 * i subsequently discovered that the enigmail test suite was inadequate
   for the Autocrypt Setup Message -- i'm currently working on fixing
   that. (this is #908510)

If i can get that fixed, then i can look into porting the improvements
to GnuPG needed by enigmail's test suite into the stable version of
GnuPG.  Sadly, i'm pretty behind on this, but i would welcome help.

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