[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Bug#909626: should not pop open a sidebar on first start

Markus Koschany apo at debian.org
Wed Sep 26 12:40:33 BST 2018

Control: forcemerge 909493 909626


Am 26.09.18 um 01:03 schrieb Antoine Beaupre:
> Package: webext-ublock-origin
> Version: 1.16.14+dfsg-2
> Severity: minor
> When a clean Firefox profile is started, uBlock has this annoying
> habit of showing off and popping open itself as a sidebar.
> I've been trying really hard to create the equivalent of `chromium
> --temp-profile` with Firefox: it's surprisingly hard, especially
> because of the many things that pop open when extensions are
> installed. uBlock is one such extension.

This was already reported as #909493. As explained in this bug report,
the behavior was intentional. A lot of addons display some information
when they are first started. I usually close the tab or the sidebar
after reading it and move on.

> It seems this was fixed upstream:
> https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/commit/c5e3773a3c0480c6900db848c8755d6ec409933f
> So maybe it's just a matter of updating to 1.17? In any case I figured
> I would document this here since Debian is affected.
> Thanks for packaging this!

Thanks for the hint. I guess this will be resolved eventually.



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