[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Changes within the Thunderbird packaging > 68.x

Mechtilde Stehmann mechtilde at debian.org
Mon Apr 27 10:19:58 BST 2020


Am 15.04.20 um 12:10 schrieb Carsten Schoenert:
> Hi there,
> I spend somehow more than 2 months I guess to get a current Thunderbird
> Beta version packaged and working. :)
> Currently I've running a version 76.0b1. I'm planning to get things more
> in shape and do an upload to experimental within the next days as the
> next ESR version of Thunderbird isn't that far away. So we have
> hopefully enough time to fix any outstanding issues we will see for sure
> by the new version.
> One major thing under the hood is the integration of Lightning into the
> core of Thunderbird started around by version 74.
> We have some packaged extensions that depend on the lightning package
> currently and by some questions come to my mind.
> I need to remove the existing ligthting package. By this all other
> packages that depend on lightning would get an unreasonable dependency.
> I could prevent this by adding a Provides to the thunderbird package.
> But I'd like to prevent this as the packages that depend on this will be
> rather small (haven't done any research on that yet) and I'd like to see
> their dependencies fixed instead.

I already fixed the dependency for tbsync etc and did an upload to
experimental to test it

> But if other package maintainers see strong reasons that the thunderbird
> package should become a "Provides: lighting" I'm not against this.
> Please share your options.
> We also need to think about Enigmail, there was some direct integration
> planned into Thunderbird, but I don't know the state on this.


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