[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Plans for Thunderbird 78.x (Enigmail and OpenPGP support) in Debian

Carsten Schoenert c.schoenert at t-online.de
Sun Aug 2 12:27:03 BST 2020


times goes on and MZLN did release Thunderbird 78.1.0 in the past week.
I uploaded this version again to experimental for the known reasons.

There will be another version (78.2.0) that isn't intended for 
productive usage in case users want or need to use PGP encryption. So 
the first version that will really finally supersede the 68.x series is 

I'm currently a bit concerned about the success rate of TB on the 
buildd's in experimental even for the decreased host archs.

i386 builds are very volatile, only about 50% of the uploads are 
successful and the reason in all cases is an out of memory problem while 


The time of i386 is probably over for Thunderbird. I see no real gain to 
spend hours and hours of debugging and try outs for an architecture that 
only a small and decreasing percentage of people is using. I simply 
haven't the time nor the interests of doing this.

mips64el is even more worse and fail regularly since the first beta of 78.0.


s390x is doing the same, but since 77.0b3


I plan to drop at minimum the architectures mips64el and s390x as I'm 
not able to fix the outstanding issues and file a RFH bug report then. 
So any help to keep TB on these architectures alive is appreciated.

For i386 I hope to find something useful in the FF build environment. 
Communication with Mike is difficult as I never got an answer from him 
in the past year but also no bounce of my emails. If this isn't working 
I will also drop i386 from the list of architectures to build once 
version 78.3.0 of Thunderbird is available.


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