[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Having trouble with dh_webext and non-root source path

Ximin Luo infinity0 at debian.org
Sun Aug 9 03:13:49 BST 2020

Hi Scott,

dh_webext is a very hacky python script that I wrote when the webext apocalypse was upon us a couple years ago, and nobody had the time nor motivation to properly migrate all of our xul-ext extensions over to it. It was based loosely on our previous dh_xul-ext.

It is not surprising to me that it cannot handle your use case. However, I believe (obviously with some bias) that the source code is somewhat well-documented. If you want to read it (/usr/bin/dh_webext) and understand its behaviour, we can certainly patch it up so that it works for your use case. Apologies but I cannot help you directly with that today, all memory of it has been long ago context-swapped out of my head.


John Scott:
> I sent this mail a while ago but it didn't get a response. It's now the 
> primary blocker for LibreJS, so I'm resending it.
> I'm working on packaging LibreJS (ITP #659348), but am clueless why I'm 
> getting stuck. As the LibreJS developers suggest, I'm moving all of the 
> WebExtension artifacts including manifest.json into its own subdirectory, 
> because the LibreJS source tree includes many things that don't belong in
> /usr/share/webext/*
> It finds manifest.json on its own:
> dh_webext: Found 1 manifest.json, source PATH set to ./subdir
> dh_webext: Set NAME to librejs from package webext-librejs
> install -d debian/webext-librejs/usr/share/webext/librejs
> cd '././subdir/..' && find 'subdir' ! \( -regex .\*\\.git.\* -or -regex .\*\
> \.pc.\* -or -regex .\*debian.\* \) \( -type f -or -type l \) -print0 | 
> LC_ALL=C sort -z | xargs -0 -I {} cp --reflink=auto --parents -dp {} /home/
> john/librejs/librejs-7.20.2/debian/webext-librejs/usr/share/webext/librejs/
> cd '././subdir/..' && find 'subdir' ! \( -regex .\*\\.git.\* -or -regex .\*\
> \.pc.\* -or -regex .\*debian.\* \) \( -type d -and -empty \) -print0 | 
> LC_ALL=C sort -z | xargs -0 -I {} cp --reflink=auto --parents -a {} /home/john/
> librejs/librejs-7.20.2/debian/webext-librejs/usr/share/webext/librejs/
> But all of the artifacts get installed into /usr/share/webext/librejs/subdir/, 
> where they should just go in /usr/share/webext/librejs/. Why does this happen? 
> Firefox and Chromium don't seem to recognize extensions in subdirectories of 
> subdirectories of /usr/share/webext/, so this should be caught.
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