[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] privacybadger: Upstream requests regular updates in stable or the removal of the package

Markus Koschany apo at debian.org
Sat Aug 29 01:15:08 BST 2020

Hi Michael and pkg-mozext-maintainers,

the upstream developer of privacybadger contacted me yesterday and asked
that we upgrade privacybadger in stable to the latest upstream release.
Apparently there were some security and usability fixes that he deems as
very important and he doesn't want that we distribute an older version
which didn't address those issues.

See also


I am personally not interested to update privacybadger on a regular
basis in stable when it is apparent that the add-on is simply not
suitable for a stable release. I also don't want to maintain an unstable
version only. He wasn't very specific about the security related bug
fixes, so I can't really determine whether there should be any action

I see two possible outcomes. We could either remove privacybadger from
stable or update it on a regular basis. Like I said I don't intend to
update privacybadger in stable regularly. There will always be a delay
of two or three months anyway.

At the moment I simply suggest to remove privacybadger from stable and
consequently from unstable/testing as well.

If someone else is interested in the package, we could also try the
regular stable updates. If I don't hear back from anyone I intend to
request the removal of privacybadger from stable and step down as the



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