[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Plans for Thunderbird 78.x (Enigmail and OpenPGP support) in Debian

Carsten Schoenert c.schoenert at t-online.de
Wed Jul 1 20:44:50 BST 2020


yesterday some important news about the plans for Thunderbird 78 get 
spread by Wayne Mary from MZLNA over the mailing list tb-drivers.

Seems MZLNA is having some problems to finalize the OpenPGP support to 
get fully supported by Version 78.0.

The current plan is to have OpenPGP support fully integrated by version 
78.2.0, planned for somewhere in August 2020. But this can be again 
pushed into further future.

This means that users which rely on a working Enigmail/OpenPGP 
functionality are not encouraged to switch to Thunderbird 78 before MZLN 
is announcing the full OpenPGP support in TB 78.

And this means for Debian that I will package Thunderbird packages 
68.10.0 and 68.11.0 for Sid/Bullseye/Buster/Stretch and will still 
upload the recent versions for TB 78.x to experimental until OpenPGP is 
fully working and we could start to provide 78.x in Sid.

Thunderbird 68.10.0 and 78.0 is planned for this week, the next versions 
68.11.0 and 78.1 to get released in about 6 weeks from now.

This all will also give some more time for developers of AddOns to get 
their software in better shape for Thunderbird 78.


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