[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Bug#975020: version mismatch between package and manifest.json

Martin debacle at debian.org
Tue Nov 17 23:31:19 GMT 2020

Package: webext-dav4tbsync
Version: 1.21-1
Severity: grave

Justification: makes the package in question unusable by most or
all users

Dear Mechthilde,

many thanks for maintaining the tbsync packages!
Very much appreciated, especially the support of Debian 10 (buster).

The zip file dav4tbsync at jobisoft.de.xpi contains a manifest.json
with the following lines:

      "strict_min_version": "68.0",
      "strict_max_version": "69.*"
  "version": "1.8",

I assume, that this is wrong. Upstream git 1.21 shows instead:

      "strict_min_version": "78.0",
      "strict_max_version": "78.*"
  "version": "1.21",

In consequence, the plugin shows as "disabled" in Thunderbird
and with version 1.8 instead of 1.21.
I hope, I got all facts correct.


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