[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Bug#975115: webext-dav4tbsync and webext-tbsync out of sync

Tom Jampen tom at cryptography.ch
Thu Nov 19 08:08:57 GMT 2020

Package: webext-dav4tbsync
Version: 1.23-1


Thank you very much for maintaining and updating the tbsync packages in
Debian. The current version of webext-dav4tbsync is now compatible with
thunderbird 78 but it cannot be used as it seems to be out of sync with

When I try to add a new "CalDAV & CardDAV" account tbsync tells me:

Provider "CalDAV & CardDAV" for TbSync is not yet installed.

Click on the following link to open the info page of the missing
synchronization provider. There you will find further information about
the provider and you will have the option to install it:



I've already set-up CalDAV accounts a while ago when it was still
working. These accounts are shown in tbsync with a red exclamation mark
(instead of being active) and the following error is displayed:

This account requires the DAV synchronization provider, which is
currently not installed.


Although, of course, the most recent Debian packages for
webext-dav4tbsync (1.23-1, but probably not the mentioned beta version)
and webext-tbsync (2.18-2) are installed and show up in TB's add-ons
section as enabled.

I would be great to have working set of tbsync packages in Debian again.

Kind regards

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