ffmpeg status?

Fabian Greffrath greffrath at leat.rub.de
Mon Jun 16 07:37:52 UTC 2008

Reinhard Tartler schrieb:
> Well, it is of course not 'our' fault. Adding the necessary
> conflicts/replaces on libavcodeccvs and co is however pretty easy for us
> and we do a big favor to our users using http://debian-multimedia.org if
> we are doing that (and we'll get less bugreports about that).


> I don't think we are doing our users a service by providing a crippled
> ffmpeg package in main called 'ffmpeg'. I think having the source
> package reflecting the fact that it is not as upstream released it is
> only honest.

Allright. Moreover I (AFAICT upstream, too) am happy with any other 
package name than 'ffmpeg-free'. ;)

I had another idea over the weekend: Given that there are quite some 
dependencies between the libraries -dev packages in ffmpeg, how do you 
like the idea of a single 'ffmpeg-dev' package that contains all 
headers and static libraries?

How can we process in getting rid of ffmpeg-config?

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