Bug#508760: vlc-plugin-sdl: no matter what SDL_VIDEODRIVER is set to, vlc uses cacalib for video display

Christophe Mutricy xtophe at chewa.net
Tue Apr 28 13:48:23 UTC 2009

2008/12/15 Dallas Legan <aw585 at lafn.org>:
> Package: vlc-plugin-sdl
> Version: 0.8.6.h-4+lenny2
> Severity: important
> I have gotten a couple of game packages, sopwith and slashem-sdl to work
> with SDL, so SDL seems to be working in frame buffer mode.
> No matter what the environmental configuration variable SDL_VIDEODRIVER
> is set to (usually 'fbcon'), however, vlc -V sdl ... always
> plays in cacalib mode.
> This seems to defeat the purpose of vlc-plugin-sdl.
> I think I've checked everything, but it is possible I am
> simply ignorant of how things should be configured
> to utilize this package.

Could you add -vvv to your command line and attach the logs.


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