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Sun Jun 7 13:43:27 UTC 2009

Free Ekanayaka <freee at> writes:

>   JM> Yes I was contacted upstream already before...  Dave's answer
>   JM> was something like ... "if there is some debian rule to not have
>   JM> this directory I will remove it if not I will leave it there."
>   JM> In other words redundancy is not strong enough reason for him to
>   JM> remove it.
> Well, as long it is left as "debian-sid" (or whatever) and not named
> "debian", that's acceptable. The only reason is that it might confuse
> people looking at the source package (at least I was).

well, having a debian directory in the upstream.orig.tar.gz messes up
horribly the debian diff.gz. This is arguably a bug with the debian
packages format, but until the new format is acceted in the debian
archive, we have to live with it.

since most of our packages are handled via debhelper, leftover files can
even be harmful if upstream is using debhelper files in debian/ that we
are not using. espcially cdbs calls almost every debhelper in the
package, so the likelyness for trouble is even increased.

I'd strongly recommend to convince upstream to not include debian
packaging, because it potentially causes very subtle bugs that take ages
to identify.

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