gmerlin-avdecoder package

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Wed Nov 11 06:49:56 UTC 2009

Fabrice Coutadeur <coutadeurf at> writes:

>> Cc'ing you as I'm not sure if you are subscribed.
> I am, now :-)


>> It seems that Romain got distracted by other stuff. I've imported his
>> packaging into our team git repository. From the first look I only see
>> that there is no ITP bug referenced and the quilt patch is not
>> documented.
>> > Should I just grab the debian-multimedia package, adapt the copyright
>> > file and upload to Ubuntu or should I wait the upload in Debian?
>> I'd rather recommend:
>>  - help finishing the package in debian so that it can be uploaded
>>   (read: file an itp bug, close it in debian changelog)
> This can be done by updating the git branch, right? I am still a debdiff
> guy, and not used to git :-)

Using/reviewing patch is anyway (at least my) preferred way to work with
git. Patches can both be created as well integrated properly.

> As I was explaining to Romain, as we are at the very beginning of the
> development cycle of Lucid, there is no rush to get it into Ubuntu at the
> moment, and prefer to help getting it into Debian first.


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