Jaromír Mikeš mira.mikes at
Sun Sep 27 22:15:54 UTC 2009


I adopted lash and uploaded to debian multimedia  packagers repo.
Made few improvements:
Changed tarball-in-tarball packaging approach to uncompressed-source-in-tarball
Man pages for lashd added
liblash2.symbols file added
lash-doc.doc-base file added
Deleted dirs file
Cleaned watch file
Removed lines for operating tarball in rules file
Changed maintainer
added "uploaders" field
added "Vcs-Git:" field
added "Vcs-Browser" field,
Changed compatibility from 5 to 7
this removing several lintian warnings.
Package is now lintian clean excepting some "spelling-errors" and errors relating to still unedited changelog file.

my question is: Should I edit changelog file or it should be done by uploading DD?

second question: Should I asking for upload if there is no newer upstream version, or I should wait for it and ask for uploading then?



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