Duplicate Packages from Debian archive in DMO

Andres Mejia amejia004 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 03:04:25 UTC 2012

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 9:45 AM, Stuart Prescott
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> Hi Andres,
>> Thanks. This really helps.
> glad to be of assistance :)
>> I was going to ask, could you do a query on sid showing the source
>> packages available in dmo only and in both debian and dmo? I'm still
>> waiting on the import of the udd to my system.
> The naive answer to this question would turn up source package names that
> are different between the Debian and dmo archives as dmo has been adding "-
> dmo" to source packages to distinguish them from the Debian variant. There
> would also be libav vs ffmpeg differences.
> So, I've not actually answered that question directly but instead some
> slightly different ones that I hope are what you really wanted to know:
> * What packages are in Debian and dmo that have the same name or have
> "-'dmo" added to them? (Note that ffmpeg-dmo and xbmc-dmo both exist without
> a non-"-dmo" source package existing in Debian)

Yes, this is what I wanted to know.

> * What source packages in dmo are building binary packages with the same
> package names as binary packages in Debian?
> * What source packages in dmo are building binary packages that are not in
> Debian?
> The third of these questions turns up:
> * packages like acroread that I guess will never be in Debian
> * various multimedia packages that might one day be in Debian
> * variations on multimedia packages that introduce extra binary packages (I
> guess ffmpeg-dmo producing libswresample* and mp4v2-dmo producing mp4-utils
> packages perhaps fall into this category)
> * boring soname changes on libraries like x264-dmo producing libx264-122
> I suspect that sifting through these different cases probably requires a
> person with knowledge of the Debian packages rather than more SQL.
> Results (and SQL) attached. Let me know if there are further queries I can
> help with.
> cheers
> Stuart

Thank you.

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