Packages for Digital Cinema in Debian

Mattias Mattsson vitplister at
Tue Oct 14 06:40:20 UTC 2014

Hi team,

I am long time Debian user and also lurker on this list who really
appreciate your great work on the state of multimedia packages in
Debian. Thanks!

Maybe you are aware that todays format for films shown in cinemas,
called "Digital Cinema Package" (DCP), are entierly based on open
technologies like XML, mxf, BWF etc:

There are now several mature FLOSS projects which deal with creating
and manipulation these. Unfortunately none of them are packaged for

- asdcplib ( )
Library used by most other tools

- DCP-o-matic ( )
Based on opendcp with a more easy-to-use GUI

- OpenDCP ( )
One of the first open tools to create DCPs

- dcp_inspect ( )
A validation tool for DCPs

- cinemaslides and some other tools
( )
Simple but powerful utility to make slideshows in DCP format

- opencinematools ( )
A bit outdated but contains some programs for creating metadata for
DCPs that the other tools lack

I think these tools are really interesting because they really empower
the user/filmmaker. You can convert material to DCP format and
out-of-the-box ingest and play it in any cinema worldwide without
bringing any extra gear except the media on which the DCP is stored.

I am willing to help bringing these to Debian but unfortunately have
zero packaging experience and also not a lot of time.. Sorry for that.

My hope is that these tools attracts interest from some more
experienced packagers. If not, sorry for the noise.

Best regards,

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