Bug#786438: libmp3lame0: general protection error in libmp3lame.so.0.0.0

Bernhard Übelacker bernhardu at vr-web.de
Sun Jun 7 12:36:34 UTC 2015

Hello Fabian,
your patch fixes the issue.

But I fear by using static we potentially introduce a race condition,
if there are any applications encoding in two threads?

(May I ask if there are any reasons against "__attribute__((aligned(0x20)))"?)

Kind regards,

I used following to build with your patch:

    mkdir libmp3lame0-with-static-var; cd libmp3lame0-with-static-var
    apt-get source libmp3lame0
    wget "https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?att=1;msg=117;filename=lame-static-vecfloat-msse.patch;bug=786438" -O lame-static-vecfloat-msse.patch
    cd lame-3.99.5+repack1/
    patch -p1 < ../lame-static-vecfloat-msse.patch
    dpkg-buildpackage -b -uc -us
    cd ..
    su -c "dpkg -i libmp3lame0_3.99.5+repack1-7_i386.deb libmp3lame-dev_3.99.5+repack1-7_i386.deb"

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