Bug#825140: Info received (Bug#825140: vlc: freezes playing and fast-forwarding MKV File)

Maria wettererscheinung at bb-goettingen.de
Tue May 24 16:00:47 UTC 2016

Dear Sebastian,

I just tried to "dkpg-reconfigure vlc" but it still refuses to run. I
tried to login again. I also reinstalled the removed packages libpau-...
but no effect.
Graphics like the cube effect when changing the active desktop was
disturbed pretty much. Many KDE stuff crashed, like krunner, kinit5, it
was in a state where I couldn't do much else then shutting down.
(Yesterday I had a similar effect - yesterday all possibilities of
opening a program and the desktop itself crashed but the cube effect
worked.) Then I reinstalled vlc and all the plugins with "apt-get
install --reinstall ..." but no effect even after doing dpkg-reconfigure

When I tried to remove or purge vlc it wants to remove quite essential
KDE stuff (see below). Maybe some dependencies are broken or rather
messed up?!

This reminds me to the fresh installed Debian. When I installed it two
weeks ago using the actual netinst iso and redirected sources.list to
testing the dist-upgrade uninstalled important stuff leading in a circle
of uninstalling it via autoremove and installing it again via
dist-upgrade while marking it as auto-removable. I was able to find out
it did not install (or uninstalled during the dist-upgrade - I don't
know) the task-kde-desktop. It only installed (or left) the german
localized kde tasks.

"# apt-get remove vlc
[...]Die folgenden Pakete wurden automatisch installiert und werden
nicht mehr benötigt:
  ktouch-data libcomposereditorng4 qtbase5-dbg
Verwenden Sie »apt autoremove«, um sie zu entfernen.
Die folgenden Pakete werden ENTFERNT:
  akonadiconsole akregator ark blogilo bluedevil dolphin dragonplayer
frameworkintegration gwenview jovie juk k3b k3b-i18n kaccessible
kaddressbook kalarm kate kcalc kde-baseapps kde-baseapps-bin
kde-cli-tools kde-plasma-desktop
  kde-runtime kde-standard kde-style-qtcurve-qt5 kdeaccessibility
kdepasswd kdepim kdepim-kresources kdepim-runtime kdesudo kfind kgamma5
kgpg kgpg-dbg khelpcenter khelpcenter4 khotkeys kinfocenter kio
kio-extras kjots kleopatra kmag
  kmail kmenuedit kmix kmousetool kmouth knode knotes konq-plugins
konqueror konqueror-nsplugins konsole konsole-kpart konsolekalendar
kontact kopete korganizer kscreen ksnapshot ksshaskpass ksysguard
ktimetracker ktnef ktouch
  kwalletmanager kwin-common kwin-x11 kwrited libakonadi-calendar4
libakonadi-contact4 libcalendarsupport4 libeventviews4
libincidenceeditorsng4 libk3b6 libk3b6-extracodecs libkcddb4
libkcompactdisc4 libkdepim4 libkdepimdbusinterfaces4
  libkf5kdelibs4support5 libkf5kdelibs4support5-bin libkf5khtml-bin
libkf5khtml5 libkf5notifications5 libkf5notifyconfig5 libkf5plasma5
libkf5plasmaquick5 libkf5runner5 libkf5runner5-dbg libkf5wallet-bin
libkf5wallet5 libkf5webkit5
  libkfontinst5 libkfontinstui5 libkleo4 libkonq-common libkonq5abi1
libksieveui4 libkwalletbackend5-5 libkwin4-effect-builtins1
libmailcommon4 libmailimporter4 libmessagecomposer4 libmessagecore4
libmessagelist4 libmessageviewer4
  libnoteshared4 libokularcore6 libpimcommon4 libpowerdevilcore2
libtemplateparser4 libweather-ion7 marble marble-plugins milou milou-dbg
muon-discover okular phonon phonon-backend-vlc phonon-backend-vlc-dbg
  phonon4qt5-backend-vlc phonon4qt5-backend-vlc-dbg
plasma-dataengines-addons plasma-dataengines-workspace plasma-desktop
plasma-discover plasma-framework plasma-nm plasma-runners-addons
  plasma-widget-folderview plasma-widget-networkmanagement
plasma-widgets-addons plasma-widgets-workspace plasma-workspace
powerdevil qml-module-org-kde-runnermodel sddm sddm-theme-breeze sweeper
systemsettings systemsettings-dbg
  task-kde-desktop user-manager vlc vlc-plugin-vlsub
0 aktualisiert, 0 neu installiert, 151 zu entfernen und 0 nicht
Nach dieser Operation werden 328 MB Plattenplatz freigegeben.
Möchten Sie fortfahren? [J/n]"

I don't know at some point my whole installation seems to be fucked up
but every time I reinstalled since I have this computer I had to start
the odyssee again.

Thanks Maria

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