Bug#825140: vlc: freezes playing and fast-forwarding MKV File

Maria wettererscheinung at bb-goettingen.de
Wed May 25 12:55:42 UTC 2016

Dear Sebastian,

a day (and a sleep) later I found out how to solve the new problems:

I had to delete the config file in ~/.config/vlc manually.

The setting Interface>Main Interface>Interface-Modul=Qt-Interface seems
to be broken and leads to an unstartable installation until you manually
delete the config file.

I realized that the graphical problems were no consequence of
deinstalling libvdpau-va-gl1. They existed before in Dragon Player as
well, I just never tried to fullscreen Dragon Player before and vlc did
not play it.

Nonetheless these were solved using Video>Ausgabemodule(output
modules)>Videoausgabemodul="OpenGL GLX Videoausgabe (XCB)" or
"X11-Videoausgabe (XCB)" while the setting OpenGL... in combination with
Video>Ausgabemodule>OpenGL>OpenGL-Erweiterung="EGL Erweiterung für
OpenGL" is smoother than automatic and a little sharper than X11-Vid...
on my computer.

A last question I do have: When I understood the package descriptions
etc. right then the problems are lying in playing the video over the
hardware? How do I find out wether (or which) driver is not working or
if this is due to faulty hardware?

Thanks alot for your help - I am really relieved right now.

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