vmpk RFS & libdrumstick transition

Ross Gammon debian at the-gammons.net
Sat Oct 22 11:20:23 UTC 2016


I have just pushed vmpk to the Multimedia Team, as I am adopting it. It 
used to be in Collab Maint, but now it is reunited with all the other 
libdrumstck related packages within the team.

I have split out the documentation to an optional -doc package. 
Therefore, as it will have to pass the NEW queue, I need a friendly DD 
to take a look and sponsor for me. It is targeted for experimental, and 
only builds with the latest libdrumstick that is also sitting in 

Regarding the libdrumstick transition, the final reverse dependency is 
kmidimon. This does not build with the latest libdrumstick. And the 
upstream developer says that it will be several months before he has 
updated it, because he also wants to move to QT5 at the same time. As 
there is a danger in starting the transition without kmidimon, that it 
will not be ready for the Stretch release, he recommends creating a 
separate source package for the latest libdrumstick1. It is 
coinstallable with libdrumstick0.

I will take a look at it this week, but things are probably tight with 
transition freeze on the 5th November, and having to pass through NEW!



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