vmpk RFS & libdrumstick transition

James Cowgill jcowgill at debian.org
Sun Oct 23 21:26:45 UTC 2016


On 22/10/16 12:20, Ross Gammon wrote:
> I have just pushed vmpk to the Multimedia Team, as I am adopting it. It
> used to be in Collab Maint, but now it is reunited with all the other
> libdrumstck related packages within the team.
> I have split out the documentation to an optional -doc package.
> Therefore, as it will have to pass the NEW queue, I need a friendly DD
> to take a look and sponsor for me. It is targeted for experimental, and
> only builds with the latest libdrumstick that is also sitting in
> experimental.

I've had a look at the vmpk repo and the packging seems fine, however I
cannot start vmpk:

$ vmpk
Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
file "/usr/bin/../share/vmpk/gmgsxg.ins" not readable.

> Regarding the libdrumstick transition, the final reverse dependency is
> kmidimon. This does not build with the latest libdrumstick. And the
> upstream developer says that it will be several months before he has
> updated it, because he also wants to move to QT5 at the same time. As
> there is a danger in starting the transition without kmidimon, that it
> will not be ready for the Stretch release, he recommends creating a
> separate source package for the latest libdrumstick1. It is
> coinstallable with libdrumstick0.
> I will take a look at it this week, but things are probably tight with
> transition freeze on the 5th November, and having to pass through NEW!

Having a separate libdrumstick library for libdrumstick1 is annoying but
doable. It really is going to be close getting it through NEW for the
transition freeze - especially since it's a new source package. Once
something's been packaged, you may want to talk to the release team
about it - as it's a very small transition affecting only a few leaf
packages, they may grant you a freeze exception.


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