Bug#882384: ffmpeg: Gratuitous valgrind log

James Cowgill jcowgill at debian.org
Sat Nov 25 07:04:02 UTC 2017


On 25/11/17 04:41, Kingsley G. Morse Jr. wrote:
> Hi Carl,
>> Nearly all messages seem to relate to melt, not FFmpeg.
> Thanks for your informed thoughts.
>> Can you reproduce any issues with ffmpeg (the executable)?
>> The crc issue surprises me a little: Can you produce different
>> output files if you use the valgrind option --malloc-fill?
> Sure.
> A script is attached.
> It uses ffmpeg, without melt.
> I also attached two log files from valgrind.
> One ran it with --malloc-fill.
> The other didn't.

None of the valgrind errors in your log are from ffmpeg. They all seem
to be caused by either glib or gobject.


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