Bug#882384: ffmpeg: Gratuitous valgrind log

Kingsley G. Morse Jr. kingsley at loaner.com
Sat Nov 25 22:00:34 UTC 2017

Hi James,

Yeah, I saw glib and gobject in valgrind's stack
traces too.

I agree ffmpeg may not have a memory bug.

My only doubt?

A dynamic library call might hide one.

I see "dl-init.c" in valgraind's stack traces.

And, I read the following blunt criticism

    /* Stupid users forced the ELF specification to be changed.  It now
   says that the dynamic loader is responsible for determining the
   order in which the constructors have to run.  The constructors
   for all dependencies of an object must run before the constructor
   for the object itself.  Circular dependencies are left unspecified.
   This is highly questionable since it puts the burden on the dynamic
   loader which has to find the dependencies at runtime instead of
   letting the user do it right.  Stupidity rules!  */



FAQ 4.1 at


suggests exporting GLIBCPP_FORCE_NEW and

I did.

At least for me, valgrind still complained.

But, I concede that you may be in a better
position to know.

I just happened to run valgrind, saw ffmpeg stuff,
and thought I should forward it along.

I'll trust you to do with it as you see fit.


Time is the fire in which we all burn.

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