Request for review of mhwaveedit

Gabor Karsay gabor.karsay at
Tue Nov 28 22:43:22 UTC 2017

Sebastian Ramacher schrieb am 2017-11-27 um 22:21:
> debian/watch: In case upstream tags with vX.Y.Z or similiar, you can use the
> filename rewrite rules from uscan(1) to get a properly named tarball when
> running uscan.
> Looks good otherwise.

Thank you. Filename rewrite is done.
What's the procedure then? I didn't add myself to uploaders in control 
as I have no upload permissions. Currently lintian says it's a NMU. I 
guess if there are no other objections you or someone else will change 
dist from UNRELEASED to unstable and upload it?


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