Request for review of mhwaveedit

Sebastian Ramacher sramacher at
Tue Nov 28 23:06:29 UTC 2017

On 2017-11-28 23:43:22, Gabor Karsay wrote:
> Sebastian Ramacher schrieb am 2017-11-27 um 22:21:
> > debian/watch: In case upstream tags with vX.Y.Z or similiar, you can use the
> > filename rewrite rules from uscan(1) to get a properly named tarball when
> > running uscan.
> > 
> > Looks good otherwise.
> Thank you. Filename rewrite is done.
> What's the procedure then? I didn't add myself to uploaders in control as I
> have no upload permissions. Currently lintian says it's a NMU. I guess if
> there are no other objections you or someone else will change dist from
> UNRELEASED to unstable and upload it?

Since it's a team upload, the first line of the changelog will contain the magic
phrase "Team upload" to shut up lintian.

You can actually finalize the changelog (add Team upload and run dch -r)
yourself before asking for a review. I guess it depends how confident you are
with about the changes. And sometimes it also depends on the sponsor's

Thanks for the update. I've uploaded mhwaveedit.

Sebastian Ramacher
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