[debian-mysql] MySQL 5.7 Packaging

Robie Basak robie.basak at ubuntu.com
Mon Feb 29 11:48:03 UTC 2016

Lars and Bjoern,

I'm mostly through an initial review pass. This is for packaging changes
only - I've not looked at build or tests yet. I thought I'd give
feedback early so that we can work together to try and get something
ready quicker.

It's really difficult for me to review commits like "cleanup". Many of
your commits are like this. I'd prefer to see individual commits for
individual changes, with a commit message that explains why the change
was required.

So instead I took Lars' entire change against the current 5.6 packaging
as a big diff and broke it down into logical changes as separate
commits. This makes it easy to consider each logical change at a time.
You can see this breakdown at:


(starting at the commit tagged "base" which is on the second page)

My breakdown is for changes in debian/ only. I deliberately didn't pull
in the upstream changes to make it easier to work with this patchset. So
this branch is *not* intended for merging.

I do propose that this patchset be rebased onto the current 5.6 Debian
packaging tip properly when it is ready though, to form the initial 5.7
Debian packaging. Until then, please give me either: 1) patches to add
to this patchset; or 2) patches to squash in to this patchset; just let
me know the commit hash to squash into. It's easiest if you push these
to a git tree somewhere. I don't care where, but please don't use Alioth
master as it will not be our final version.

Bjoern and Lars, please note the difference to what you have currently
pushed to master (in Alioth and your own Github respectively). Each
logical change is a separate commit. This is why I propose to replace
your pushes to master with my branch - because this is cleaner and

Bjoern, please could I ask that you refrain from pushing anything to
Alioth master that is not a set of clean commits like this? For example
"final changes grabbed from Lars" and "even more duplicates.." are not
suitable. Since you have already done this without review, I propose
that when we're ready with a replacement branch, we replace wholesale
what you have currently pushed with a force push.

In my work in progress patchset, changes that I think look fine just
have a normal commit message. Changes that I think need fixing are
prefixed "Needs fix:" or "Fix:" or similar. Changes I haven't reviewed
yet are prefixed "TODO:". Changes that I am not yet convinced about are
prefixed "Check:" - this might be because I need to spend time looking
deeper, because they lack an explanation of why and it isn't obvious to
me, or because they are somehow otherwise suspicious. Changes prefixed
"Spurious:" are things I don't think are necessary and can be dropped,
and "Extra:" are things not in Lars' branch which I think should be

When done, I'll rebase my patchset, eliminating these prefixes and
squashing down any fixes needed, so we'll end up with a single
reviewable patchset taking us from 5.6 to 5.7 packaging.


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