[debian-mysql] final decision about MySQL r-deps needed / cleaning up the MySQL mess

Rene Engelhard rene at debian.org
Mon Oct 17 19:01:24 UTC 2016


On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 03:33:29PM +0200, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> The release and security teams have decided that MySQL will live only in
> unstable for stretch due to the perceived complications with tracking
> security patches in MySQL.
> --- snip ---
> which then also implies mysql-* will be removed which  then also implies
> thet everything needs to transition away from it or it (will be removed).
> This was also said in a discussion on #debian-mysql. Without any acknowlegement
> that there should have been more direct communication of what people should do.
> So what should a maintainer do?
> Remove MySQL dependencies and replace it with MariaDB or it won't be in stretch?
> What happens for stuff requring MySQL?


According to #debian-release, yes:

15:43 < jcristau> this doesn't sound like it needs us involved
15:46 < _rene_> well, if there's a "RT decision" to get rid of MySQL 
15:47 < jmw> the release team is desperately trying *not* to be involved...
15:47 < _rene_> so there is and people should dump MySQL-only-r-deps?
15:47 < _rene_> jmw: well, there is claims that you were involved in the way 
                that you said wou want to get rid of it and remove mysql-* for 
15:48 < _rene_> in any case maintainers need to know what they are supposed to 
15:48 < jmw> we want a security team-supported variant in stretch
15:48 < jmw> that's the big deal at the moment
15:48 < _rene_> yes, and at some point in time one needs to decide what that 
                invovoles wnd what to do with MySQL-related packages.
15:48 < jcristau> _rene_: yes, so mysql-only r-deps won't be in stretch

This means I'll orphan mysql-connector-c++ (well, remove myself from Uploaders:,
which makes it having no Uploader at all). Dmitry, if you want/need it
for mysql-connector-c++ feel free to add yourself and upload 1.1.7 to whatever
you want and it actually works.

For LO, I disabled libreoffice-mysql-connector.


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