[debian-mysql] Have You Ever Taken Feedback From Your SugarCRM Contacts?

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Survey Rocket 



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            Have you ever taken feedback from your SugarCRM contacts?


                                                                The best way to conduct surveys from within your CRM


                                    Hi There!
                                    If you are using SugarCRM for your business, congratulations! You are part of a global community of more than 1.5 million users who have benefitted from one of the leading CRM systems.
                                    But are you sure you are making the best use of customer data through your SugarCRM system? Especially if you have never taken any direct feedback from your customers or contacts, or conducted any surveys for them?
                                    If not, you should. Right now!
                                    One of the best ways you can enhance customer satisfaction is by understanding exactly what they want from you as a business.
                                    And online surveys can be very helpful in this regard. They can give you valuable insights about your customers at each stage of their purchase journey and help you not only close more sales but also increase satisfaction levels for your existing customers.
                                    But how do you go about conducting survey for your CRM contacts? Create an online survey using one of the many free online survey tools available and email it to all your contacts?
                                    Maybe that’s not what you should do. Here’s why...
                                    Unless you have a survey solution that is integrated to your CRM, you can’t really benefit from the tons of customer data you have, not to mention the hassle of collating all the contact details all over again and send them standalone online surveys.
                                    And even if you somehow get all the feedback you wouldn't know how best to make use of that data, because it wouldn't be available automatically in your CRM.
                                    So what’s the solution?
                                    Simple. Install  Survey Rocket in your SugarCRM!
                                    Survey Rocket from Biztech is an industry leading survey plugin that’s built exclusively for SugarCRM.
                                    It has everything you could possibly need to conduct any kind of survey - multiple question types, questionnaire and design templates, survey scheduling, survey automation, advanced reporting and much more.
                                    So try Survey Rocket now and get to know what your customers really want!
                                    If you have any questions or need any help, don’t hesitate to  reply back to me.
                                    Best Regards,
Catherine Jones
Marketing Manager - Biztech Store
Biztech IT Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
                        support at biztechconsultancy.com    |    store.biztechconsultancy.com    |    +91 9879622024

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