[debian-mysql] Bug#914188: Bug#914188: mariadb-server: Upgrade faild due to 'unknown variable': 'server_audit_file_path=/path/to/audit.log'

Faustin Lammler faustin at fala.red
Wed Nov 28 15:10:18 GMT 2018

Hi Marc and thanks Marco for your input!

I may have found something. I think the plugin is not activated because
of the spaces (or tab) you use in the config file.

I am able to reproduce the error if I use:
plugin_load = server_audit          = server_audit.so

But if I use (without space):

Then everything is fine.

As documentation says:
The variables that will be used by the plugin (see Configuration) will
be unknown to the server until the plugin has been loaded the first
time. The database server will not start successfully if these variables
are set in the configuration file before the audit plugin has been
loaded at least once before.

@Marco, I can't see where you activated the plugin in the conf you

May I ask you both to give me the result of:
$ sudo grep -r server_audit.so /etc/

@Marc, my guess is that you may have it activated somewhere else
(without space) because if not the server should complain always at
restart and this should not be related with upgrade.


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