[debian-mysql] Bug#914188: Bug#914188: mariadb-server: Upgrade faild due to 'unknown variable': 'server_audit_file_path=/path/to/audit.log'

Marc Lagies reportbug_20181120_Ha3ute3o at ito.in-berlin.de
Wed Nov 28 16:15:16 GMT 2018

Hi Faustin,

On 28.11.18 16:10, Faustin Lammler wrote:
> May I ask you both to give me the result of:
> $ sudo grep -r server_audit.so /etc/

/etc/mysql/my.cnf:plugin_load = server_audit          = server_audit.so

> @Marc, my guess is that you may have it activated somewhere else
> (without space) because if not the server should complain always at
> restart and this should not be related with upgrade.

I'm afraid not. The line above works just fine to start the server and load 
the plugin, without any errors.

I'll remove the whitespaces from the above line in the configuration file. If 
this is the solution then I'm happy with it!

If you want to further investigate why my server starts although it shouldn't, 
I'm happy to assist.

Thanks Faustin for your support!

Kind regards

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