[Pkg-nagios-devel] ping and roadmap ahead

Joerg Jaspert joerg@debian.org
Tue, 07 Dec 2004 20:31:56 +0100

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On 10131 March 1977, sean finney wrote:

> looks like it's my turn to send a ping :)
> so, who's still up for helping out?

Im here. But working on #284370 for the last days.
Havent done much for nagios the last week, sorry. :)

> as far as the road ahead goes:
> - fixing remaining bugs.  there are still a small number of "legacy"
>   bugs from the old version of the package which should be addressed.
>   i think i've been staying on top of the new bugs as much as
> possible.

Do you use nagios with pgsql? I heard something that it doesnt work as
it should. But heard other reports (It works) from other people too. :)

> - cleanup of init script
>   mainly this has to do with the check_nagios portion of the init
>   script, which seems for the most part unneccesary and error-prone.
>   i already have a pared down version, which i'll run by the list
>   at some point.

Great. Kill the old mess. :)

> - web and db configuration
>   i'd like to make some changes in the maintainer scripts regarding
>   configuring the web server and database for nagios.  now most of the
>   work is done by a bunch of home-rolled code inside the maintscripts,
>   and i'd like to take this out and instead have the package depend
>   on wwwconfig-common (for the webserver stuff at least).  i'm also
>   seperately working on a much more robust framework for configuring
>   databases, it might be nice to move to that once it's ready (this
>   would be post sarge however).

Go ahead and do it. Well, for the wwwconfig there isnt much todo except
the symlink and the user, but the database stuff for the mysql and pgsql
version could be nice.

bye Joerg
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