[Pkg-nagios-devel] Welcome :)

Joerg Jaspert joerg@debian.org
Sun, 31 Oct 2004 11:42:56 +0100

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As you noticed the mailinglist now works.

At the moment we are (all people that mentioned their account to be added):
Myself :)

I dont know if turbo still wants to participate a bit in the devel, but
reading the O: i dont think so. :)

Ok, you all are added to the Alioth Project pkg-nagios now, you have CVS
CVS works too, use

export CVS_RSH=3Dssh
cvs -z3 -d:ext:YOURLOGIN@cvs.alioth.debian.org:/cvsroot/pkg-nagios co nagios

to get your working copy of it. I only imported the debian/ (the version
From=20the packages in the archive) as it is enough. If we change upstream
we use patches, so we dont need it in CVS IMO.
I do some work today, including updating control with the new maintainer
data, converting to dpatch, updating stuff as needed, ...

Some small rules that we should follow to ease the teamwork:
=2D Changelog should always make clear who did the change.
  Ie. use entries like
  * Joerg Jaspert:
    - did foo, then bar.
    - removed bar, added baz.
  * Another one:
    - delete baz.
=2D Never break the package. :)
=2D The one who uploads should update the date/time info in the
  changelog. Ive seen some uploads happening weeks after that entry just
  because noone changed it.
=2D use cvs tag for the releases we upload.
  For every upload.
  Format for the tags like v_version, eg. the current 2:1.2-3.6 would be
  v_2_1_2-3_6 as a tag. (Yes, replacing : and . with :)

The rest should be the normal "Hey, we are a team, not a single person
doing the stuff" rules everyone should know. :)


bye Joerg
<doogie_> linux takes shit and turns it into something useful.
<doogie_> windows takes something useful and turns it into shit

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