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Joerg Jaspert joerg@debian.org
Sun, 31 Oct 2004 22:43:26 +0100


On 10094 March 1977, sean finney wrote:

>> If you mean debian/rules and stuff - yes, they do need it.
>> Please wait a bit, Im doing some work there right now. See my first
>> changes commit for details. :)
> largely i was thinking more of the code in the postinst, which
> effectively does a "echo Include $configfile >> $apacheconfig",
> which is a serious no-no.  i'd like to propose having it
> depend on wwwconfig-common and use the pre-existing routines
> provided therein.  it makes our code much cleaner, and localises
> all the bugs for doing stuff like this in one place.

No Sir. apache has a conf.d, we simply link our config snippet there and
are finished.
The only thing Im not sure is: Do we do it in postinst or in package
creation. And, like some others, blindly for all apache (apache,
apache-ssl and apache-perl) or do we ask the user with a debconf

BTW: Im at the moment working on debian/rules - that one is a beast.
Ive rebuilt it a bit, but not to the way I really like it, but need to
stop in a few minutes.
Well, at least it builds again and is converted to debhelper V4 (I dont
think you would like a dh-less version :) ). And it produces debs that
are similar to the ones in the archive, so i think it works, but its
untested for now. (I can test more than the build on monday evening or
tuesday, not before, sorry).
After you get my cvs commit message via this list please take a look and
test it.

BTW: While you are fixing the scripts (maybe remove prerm as it doesnt
do any useful thing?), please add the debhelper tags too. :)

bye Joerg
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