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sean finney seanius@seanius.net
Sun, 31 Oct 2004 18:43:55 -0500

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On Sun, Oct 31, 2004 at 10:43:26PM +0100, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> No Sir. apache has a conf.d, we simply link our config snippet there and
> are finished.

not all apache configurations do, unfortunately.  anything using=20
apache <=3D 2.0 still uses a monolithic httpd.conf.  it looks like
wwwconfig-common doesn't support apache2/conf.d just yet, so we'd
have to do that ourselves (or send a patch to ola, which i could
do).  however, for monolithic apache configs i'll still argue
that wwwconfig-common is the way to go.  perhaps we could do
something like=20

for server in $installed_apache_servers; do
	if [ -d /etc/$server/conf.d ]; then
		#symlink for apache2 code
		#wwwconfig-common code

> The only thing Im not sure is: Do we do it in postinst or in package
> creation. And, like some others, blindly for all apache (apache,
> apache-ssl and apache-perl) or do we ask the user with a debconf
> question?

i think the admin should be prompted via debconf whether they'd
like to have it enabled (high priority, default: false)[1], and they
should be able to select the httpd's on which to enable it (low
priority, default: all).  most of the prompting can be done in
the .config script, though the detecting of installed apache servers
may have to wait until the postinst to ensure dependencies are

> BTW: Im at the moment working on debian/rules - that one is a beast.
> Ive rebuilt it a bit, but not to the way I really like it, but need to
> stop in a few minutes.
> Well, at least it builds again and is converted to debhelper V4 (I dont
> think you would like a dh-less version :) ). And it produces debs that
> are similar to the ones in the archive, so i think it works, but its
> untested for now. (I can test more than the build on monday evening or
> tuesday, not before, sorry).

i'll give nagios-text a shot tonight.

> BTW: While you are fixing the scripts (maybe remove prerm as it doesnt
> do any useful thing?), please add the debhelper tags too. :)

sure thing.

> * libpng2 no libpng3 no why ? because no yes no yes no yes bullshit no yes
>   no yes no yes stop ? no when someday beep beep beep beep (Closes: #1570=

that's the funniest changelog entry i've ever read.


[1] the rationale for the priority/default is that packages should not
    modify configs of other packages by default, and there's a chance the
    admin might miss a medium question.

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