[Pkg-nagios-devel] Build against old mysqlclient becoming problematic

Greg Cox ratness@hotmail.com
Mon, 10 Jan 2005 16:06:55 +0000

I've got 2 boxes, unstable.  Just upgraded both to mysql-server to 4.0.23-1. 
  One has nagios-mysql 1.3-0+pre6, the other has nagios-mysql 1.2-3.6.  Both 
use libmysqlclient10, which is 3.23.56-2.  That mysqlclient version causes 
DB corruption with the 4.0.23 server.

I fell mysql-server back to 4.0.22-6 and everything was fine.

While this technically isn't your bug, as long as 3.x and 4.x are around, 
it's going to be a problem as they get more and more out of sync, to say 
nothing of when mysql 5 gets going.  Maybe a fork of nagios-mysql, one for 
3.23.x and one for 4.0.x libmysqlclient?