[Pkg-nagios-devel] Nagios feature comparison

sean finney seanius@debian.org
Mon, 10 Jan 2005 18:44:54 -0500

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hi weroll1,

(in case you haven't recieved a reply from someone else, i just
 got back from vacation)

with all respect, this is not really the appropriate list for such
discussion.  this list is for discussing issues related to the packaging
of nagios for debian.  i believe nagios.org has a nagios-users list
that may be more appropriate (there's a similar list for the seperately
maintained nagios-plugins too).  additionally, nagios has some excellent
on-line documentation that may also be able to answer some of your


On Sun, Jan 09, 2005 at 09:27:41PM -0500, weroll1 wrote:
> I'm a system engineer at a firm that is looking at its current system man=
agement platform and is looking for alternatives. I was considering Nagios =
but what to compare it to the features that our current system provide. Cou=
ld you tell me if Nagios can provide the following for us.
> Network Monitoring/Alarm Features:
> - Ability to discover and store all IP addresses within the system using =
fully qualified DNS names
> - Ability to detect if any IP address is down to generate a management al=
arm.  Detect when a downed IP is restored to service.
> - Ability to use (MIBs) Management Information Base to capture key statis=
> - Alarm generation based on MIB threshold statistics
> - Tools to manage MIBs (MIB browser) and make config changes.=20
> - Graphical interface to organize alarms status indicators
> - Alarm correlation to manage event floods
> Sever Monitoring/Management Features
> - Monitor any number of logfiles on a server for error codes/patter match=
> - Detection of utilization threshold events for file systems, memory and =
> - Monitor a configurable list of software apps for running status
> - Tools to allow system admin to efficiently change any of the monitoring=
 config files on a large number of servers
> - Generate alarms for any condition threshold that is exceeded. Alarms ar=
e sent to a single user display.
> - Automatically invoke scripts when selected condition threshold conditio=
ns are met
> - Server monitoring by intelligent agents, only alarms are sent to centra=
l server (bandwidth, alarm persistence and reliability benefit)
> If you could tell me, out of those bullets, which ones Nagios can perform=
 or can't?
> regards,
> Mr. Yates

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