[Pkg-nagios-devel] Test packages of nagios3, ndoutils and PNP

sean finney seanius at debian.org
Fri Mar 23 16:05:13 CET 2007

hi sven,

i haven't had the time to play around with nagios 3 yet, it's one of
those things i've postponed until after etch, but good for you if you're
more ambitious than i :)

if you get to the point where you feel the packages are publicly
presentable and you want to start sharing them, perhaps we can put them
in pkg-nagios after a quick review.

as for the other two packages:

- you and hendrik should consolidate your efforts and work on a single
  ndoutils package, ideally kept in pkg-nagios.
- i'm not super familiar (i.e. never heard of) nagios pnp, but if you're
  interested in packaging/sharing it with the greater world, i have no
  problem with making it part of pkg-nagios.  if so send me your alioth
  login and i'll add you to the group.

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