[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#491233: Bug#491233: nagios-plugins: check_ldap should use version 3 of slapd protocol

Michel Grentzinger mic.grentz at online.fr
Sun Jul 20 20:17:57 UTC 2008

Le dimanche 20 juillet 2008, Jan Wagner a écrit :
> the problem of changing the command definition of 'check_ldap'is, that it
> breaks existing installations, so I would say we are recommanded to not do
> that.
> Of course we can add another check command (maybe check_ldap3), which
> provides this functionality.
> Any objections? With kind regards, Jan.

I don't know since when LDAP protocol was 3 instead of 2 buit in my etch, it's 
3 which is used.
I do not know how long LDAP use protocol version 3 , but I spent a lot of time 
because of this problem ! In my Debian Etch, version 3 is used !

Also my LDAP installation haven't this option set :
# allow bind_v2

Please change the default protocol as it's now the default in LDAP. Note this 
causes any data lost, just some warnings and notifications. You can also add 
a another check command : I don't know which is the best.

I put the maintainer team of openldap in the CC field.


Best regards,
Michel Grentzinger
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