[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#563090: nagios-plugins-basic: please include symlinks to check_icmp

Justin T Pryzby justinpryzby at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Dec 30 18:29:10 UTC 2009

Package: nagios-plugins-basic
Version: 1.4.13+git200906171200-1+b1

Its behavior depends on its invocation name, but that's not apparent from
documentation and only executable is available in a default install.

justinp at justinp:~/src/nagios-plugins-1.4.12/plugins-root$ grep strcmp check_icmp.c
        if(!strcmp(progname, "check_icmp") || !strcmp(progname, "check_ping")) {
        else if(!strcmp(progname, "check_host")) {
        else if(!strcmp(progname, "check_rta_multi")) {

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