[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#555562: Bug#555562: [ping] nagios3: unbuildable on non-linux (due to iputils-ping)

Alexander Wirt formorer at debian.org
Thu Sep 30 08:41:36 UTC 2010

Petr Salinger schrieb am Friday, den 27. August 2010:

> Hi.
> any news on this ?
> The nagios-plugins (#555532) have been fixed,
> please could you similarly fix nagios3 itself.
> The April 13 message have been
> "Now as I finished the repackaging I'll start with 3.2.1 and the
> ping issue." The 3.2.1 is currently already in testing.
I had a look into the code. You can just safely remove the build-dep (already
done in git), but if you build on kfreebsd the resulting cgis just segfault. 

Until some kfreebsd porter had a look into it I don't see a reason to upload. 

Alexander Wirt, formorer at formorer.de 
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