[Pkg-nagios-devel] Debian packages: removing deprecated dpatch

Jan Wagner waja at cyconet.org
Wed Mar 7 11:34:17 UTC 2012

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Hi Jari,

On 03/05/2012 05:39 PM, Jan Wagner wrote:
> thanks for taking time to looking into this 'issue'. Anyways ...
> most of the affected packages are taken care by Alexander Wirt and
> me and we are not very enthusiastic about droping dpatch and using
> packaging format 3.0. So maybe it have saved some of your lifetime
> to ask us in advance about this topic.
> On Sunday, 4. March 2012, jari.aalto at cante.net wrote:
>> The dpatch patch management system has been deprecated for some
>> time. The Lintian currently flags use of dpatch packages as an
>> error. The new 3.0 packaging format is an improved version which,
>> among other things, contains patch managemet quilt built-in[1].
>> The packages which are using old dpatch:
> [...]
>> nagios-plugins nagios-snmp-plugins
> [...]
>> I had some free time and I've removed dpatch and convert all
>> patches to the new package to format 3.0 quilt. The changes were
>> quite straight forward and don't much change the current style of
>> packaging.
>> Please let me know how could I best help to upgrade the packages.
>> I have NMUs ready if you are working on other issues needing
>> attention.
> Do you have diffs anywhere online of can send me them? As we are
> keeping changes in scm and uploading NMU with such a big change may
> waste of our work. I'm looking into your changes and _may_ change
> my mind and integrate your work at one point.

did you send us the patch for nagios-plugins and I just missed it?

Thanks, Jan.
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