[Pkg-nagios-devel] Debian packages: removing deprecated dpatch (URL list)

Jari Aalto jari.aalto at cante.net
Wed Mar 7 15:21:29 UTC 2012

2012-03-07 06:34 Jan Wagner <waja at cyconet.org>:
| >> I had some free time and I've removed dpatch and convert all
| >> patches to the new package to format 3.0 quilt. The changes were
| >> quite straight forward and don't much change the current style of
| >> packaging.
| >>
| >> Please let me know how could I best help to upgrade the packages.
| >
| > Do you have diffs anywhere online of can send me them? As we are
| > keeping changes in scm and uploading NMU with such a big change may
| > waste of our work. I'm looking into your changes and _may_ change
| > my mind and integrate your work at one point.
| did you send us the patch for nagios-plugins and I just missed it?

Here is the list. Hope they are of any help:

check-mk		git remote add jaalto jaalto at cante:public_html/tmp/vc/check-mk.git
icinga			git remote add jaalto jaalto at cante:public_html/tmp/vc/icinga.git
nagios-nrpe		http://cante.net/~jaalto/tmp/debian/nagios-nrpe/0001-format-3.0.patch
nagios-plugins		http://cante.net/~jaalto/tmp/debian/nagios-plugins/0001-Package-format-3.0.patch
nagios-snmp-plugins	http://cante.net/~jaalto/tmp/debian/nagios-snmp-plugins/0001-Package-format-3.0.patch
nagios3			git remote add jaalto at cante:public_html/tmp/vc/nagios3.git
nagiosgrapher		http://cante.net/~jaalto/tmp/debian/nagiosgrapher/0001-format-3.0.patch
nagvis			http://cante.net/~jaalto/tmp/debian/nagvis/0001-format-3.0.patch
ndoutils                http://cante.net/~jaalto/tmp/debian/ndoutils-common/0001-format-3.0.patch
nsca			http://cante.net/~jaalto/tmp/debian/nsca/0001-format-3.0.patch


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