[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#663678: icinga-idoutils fails to start if socket file exists

Stefan Bühler lighttpd at stbuehler.de
Tue Mar 13 10:19:14 UTC 2012

Package: icinga-idoutils
Version: 1.6.1-2
Severity: serious


# /etc/init.d/ido2db stop
# touch /var/lib/icinga/ido.sock
# /etc/init.d/ido2db start
Could not bind socket: Address already in use

(or just powercycle your box...)

You should unlink the old socket file before you try to bind; if you 
want you can check whether the file is an active socket by connecting to it.
(An ugly workaround would be to just delete the file in the init script 
if no ido2db process is running)

I think this is a serious bug, as the service really should come back 
after a box crashed.


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