[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#641684: Quote character not escaped correctly for Postgresql

Stefan Bühler lighttpd at stbuehler.de
Tue Mar 13 10:40:00 UTC 2012

severity 641684 grave

This bug makes the package unusable unless the mentioned workarounds 
are applied, as it doesn't work with the default postgres server on 
wheezy (9.1 right now).

Even with the workaround applied the log gets spammed:
2012-03-13 10:33:51 UTC WARNING:  nonstandard use of \' in a string literal at character 100
2012-03-13 10:33:51 UTC HINT:  Use '' to write quotes in strings, or use the escape string syntax (E'...').

The upstream bug https://dev.icinga.org/issues/1974 looks fixed now.

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