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(new) nagios-plugins-common_1.4.15-6_i386.deb extra net
Common files for plugins for nagios compatible monitoring
 Common files for plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems like Nagios
 and Icinga.
 This package contains common files which maybe needed for plugins.
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nagios-plugins (1.4.15-6) unstable; urgency=low
  * Add nagios-plugins-common package which ships files possibly needed also by
    other plugin packages
  * Removed check_bgpstate and check_linux_raid from package
    - Deleted 01_subst.in.dpatch and 05_check_linux_raid_fix_striped.dpatch
    - Remove check_snmp_bgpstate command definition
  * Recommand nagios-plugins-common via nagios-plugins
  * Add icinga as recommand as alternative for nagios3
  * Add '-w %d' as ping argument for check_ping on non-linux plattforms, as
    inetutils-ping is now supporting this, thanks Guillem Jover for bringing
    this up (Closes: #655023)
  * Adding 17_check_smtp_fix_duplicate_cert_message.dpatch and
    17_check_tcp_fix_duplicate_cert_message.dpatch (Closes: #654682), to fix
    duplicate messages when certificate errors occures, thanks Sebastian Harl
    for reporting
  * Add build-arch and build-indep targets to debian/rules
  * Add 03_check_disk_smb_perfdata.dpatch to add perfdata to check_disk_smb
   (Closes: #654259), thanks to G. Leimua
  * Add 18_check_snmp_labels.dpatch to fix multiple labels in check_snmp
   (Closes: #647020), thanks to Oskar Liljeblad
  * Updating Vcs-Browser field
  * Add 19_check_http_help.dpatch to clarify that check_http won't verify
    certificates (Closes: #644627), thanks to Michael Renner
  * Add check_jabber and check_jabber_4 command definitions
  * Add check_mysql_slave command definition

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