[Pkg-nagios-devel] Bug#831532: icingaweb2: handle auth DB with dbconfig-common

Christoph Anton Mitterer calestyo at scientia.net
Sun Jul 17 00:06:09 UTC 2016

Source: icingaweb2
Severity: wishlist


Currently, icingaweb2 doesn't set up/manage the Icinga Web 2 specific DBs
at all, it even doesn't depend on php-mysql|php-pgsql...

This is of course great, as Icinga Web 2 doesn't stricly need and DB for
authentication, but can also use local files, LDAP, etc..

But it also seems, that even when auth/authz is done e.g. via webserver
authentication (HTTP Basic auth) and local INI files, one would need
a DB if one wanted to use groups.

So in the end it would be nice, if icingaweb2 would provide and *optional*
way to manage that DB (and perhaps even initially add an admin user if
the installing user wishes to do so), ideally with dbconfig-common.

My idea would be, that perhaps icingaweb2 Suggests a icingaweb2-db-auth
package (or perhaps using some better name).
This could then depend on dbconfig-common, contain the schema files and
depend on php-psql|php-mysql.
On installation, dbconfig would kick in and allow the user to take over
management and future schema upgrades.
Since icingaweb2-db-auth would be only Suggested, users could still opt-out
of the whole DB-for-Icinga-Web2 thingy.

And of course php-icinga would still continue to Recommend php-mysql|php-pgsql
which are of course e.g. still needed to connect to IDO.


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