[pkg-nvidia-devel] Newer nvidia driver (173.08)

Lennart Sorensen lsorense at csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Tue May 13 18:47:51 UTC 2008

I made a package for 173.08 to see how it works with 2.6.25 kernel.  It
builds just fine and runs with 2.6.24, and builds (not tested yet)
against 2.6.25 as well.

Of course 173.08 is NOT what nvidia considers the current 'stable'
release, although it does add support for the 9500, 9600 and 9800 series
cards, which are not supported in 169.12 and it also makes compiling
against >2.6.24 kernels possible.

We also have a bug report about 169.12 causing segfaults in some
applications.  I have personally seen seg faults and general protection
faults in a few applications which I thought might be ram or cpu
trouble, but now I am wondering if there is a problem in 169.12 causing
this.  I have switched that machine to my 173.08 build to see if it
helps, although the failure has only happened a few times so far in the
last 2 weeks, so it could take a while to know for sure.

On the other hand regarding the above, Ubuntu seems to have discovered
the real problem is diverting libwfb.so as seen here:

How do you think we should proceed with this?

Len Sorensen

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