[pkg-nvidia-devel] Bug#542057: Bug#542057: nvidia-kernel-source: flickering / visual artefacts + display detection failing after suspend to ram/resume

Lennart Sorensen lsorense at csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Aug 19 14:00:13 UTC 2009

On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 05:28:42PM +0200, Matthieu Imbert wrote:
> Package: nvidia-kernel-source
> Version: 185.18.14-2
> Severity: normal
> after upgrading nvidia-kernel-source (and nvidia-glx) from 180.29-1 to
> 185-18-14-2 (and upgrading at the same time from kernel 2.6.26-2 to
> 2.6.30-1), i get the following behaviour:
> My (dell) laptop is plugged in a docking station connected to lcd
> monitor. I boot with the laptop screen closed, so the primary and only
> display for X is the monitor. i then open the laptop screen, launch
> nvidia-settings, activate the laptop screen (resolution set to auto)
> and deactivate the monitor (resolution set to off). I then suspend to
> ram, unplug the laptop, then resume the system. At this point all
> works perfectly.
> Then i suspend to ram again, plug back the laptop to the docking
> station, resume the system, then with nvidia-settings, i reactivate
> the monitor and deactivate the laptop screen. Again, this works well
> but from then on i get some kinds of screen "flashes" or flickering
> every 5 to 30 seconds or so. Sometimes they do not occur for a while.
> if at this point i restart X without rebooting the laptop,
> nvidia-settings is then unable to detect the external monitor.
> GPU is a Quadro NVS 135M (laptop is dell D630)
> suspend to ram method is hibernate, with the following configuration:
> USuspendMethod ram
> Include common.conf
> EnableVbetool no
> USuspendRamForce true
> SwitchToTextMode false
> DownInterfaces auto
> UpInterfaces auto
> FBSplash on
> -- System Information:
> Debian Release: squeeze/sid
>   APT prefers testing
>   APT policy: (700, 'testing'), (700, 'stable')
> Architecture: i386 (i686)
> Kernel: Linux 2.6.30-1-686-bigmem (SMP w/2 CPU cores)
> Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)
> Shell: /bin/sh linked to /bin/bash
> Versions of packages nvidia-kernel-source depends on:
> ii  debhelper                     7.3.12     helper programs for debian/rules
> ii  dpatch                        2.0.31     patch maintenance system for Debia
> ii  make                          3.81-6     An utility for Directing compilati
> ii  sed                           4.2.1-3    The GNU sed stream editor
> Versions of packages nvidia-kernel-source recommends:
> ii  devscripts                   2.10.53     scripts to make the life of a Debi
> ii  kernel-package               12.017      A utility for building Linux kerne
> ii  module-assistant             0.11.1      tool to make module package creati
> ii  nvidia-glx                   185.18.14-2 NVIDIA binary Xorg driver
> nvidia-kernel-source suggests no packages.
> -- no debconf information

I think you might have to just go file a bug report with nvidia.
There is nothing in Debian we can do to debug this or fix it.

Now you could try my experimental build of 185.18.31 if you want at

Maybe nvidia fixed it.

Len Sorensen

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