[pkg-nvidia-devel] Bug#533515: [Patch 3/8] lintian-override updates

Andreas Beckmann debian at abeckmann.de
Sat Jul 4 02:02:19 UTC 2009


here is an updated version of my previous patch to update the lintian
override files.
Overrides for libvdpau and libcuda will come in separate patches.

Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> Short summary:
>  * use dh_lintian, updated overrides
> Detailed list of changes:
> * debian/nvidia-glx-ia32.lintian-overrides.in,
>   debian/nvidia-glx.lintian-overrides.amd64.in,
>   debian/nvidia-glx.lintian-overrides.i386.in,
>   debian/nvidia-glx.override.in, debian/nvidia-glx-ia32.override.in
>   - renamed for dh_lintian usage, split because different overrides are
>     needed for i386 and amd64, updated
> * debian/rules
>   - use dh_lintian
>   - some files were renamed

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