[pkg-nvidia-devel] Bug closing

Randall Donald randy at khensu.org
Thu Sep 17 18:22:46 UTC 2009

Greatings all,

First let me say that I know that tend to let bugs linger, but that
being the case and in accordance to the guideline in the BTS docs --
"Normally, the only people that should close a bug report are the
submitter of the bug and the maintainer(s) of the package against which
the bug is filed" -- I would apreciate it if only members of the team
directly close bugs.  If there is someone who wishes to be helpful in
closing old bugs, a list of those bugs along with the reason (very
important) for closing them is requested to be approved by a team
member. We can't really force people to do this but we would like to be
sure that bugs are being closed for the correct reasons and from the
correct point of view.

Thanks for listening,

Randall Donald             randy at khensu.org
http://www.khensu.org    rdonald at debian.org
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